Vaccine Confidence - Healthy Conversation tool

The Healthy Conversation Skills training programme is for staff across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) to improve the way they have conversations. The training programme builds upon the principles of Making Every Contact Count (MECC).

We believe that conversation is key to improving vaccine confidence and exploring vaccine hesitancy. We have created a tool for you to use during conversations that can help to guide you and structure these conversations. Watch the video below and use the resources to find out more and build your confidence ahead of your conversations.

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Having a brief conversation on vaccine hesitancy

Encouraging people to explore their own thoughts and feelings around vaccination can help to reduce any concerns they may have. You are making a difference by having a conversation around vaccinations even if the person does not change their mind.

Remember, you do not have to be an expert in everything vaccine-related, just be willing to Ask open questions, listen and Acknowledge any concerns raised, and be willing to Act by empowering people to make an informed choice or seek further support if necessary. Use the tool below and reliable information sources such as to support your conversation.

Visit the below pages for reliable information sources, activities and videos to show you the tool in action

Further information on Healthy Conversation Skills

To learn more about prevention and behaviour change, and develop your skills to have healthy conversations use the resources on this website including a free 45 minute eLearning package.

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