Benefits of good Air Quality

Clean air is essential for our health, and the benefits of having clean air are also good for our wellbeing as well as being good for the planet.

Air pollution is the single biggest environmental health risk, but by finding solutions to reducing this it can have potential wider benefits to our health, for instance active travel reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and mental ill health.

So what is polluting the air? Air pollution comes from lots of different sources and can be found in both rural and urban areas, watch these videos below to learn more

Health and Air Quality

Air pollution can affect everyone throughout their lifetime, with a number of health conditions associated with poor air quality

Some people are more susceptible to air pollution either by where they live, existing health conditions or socio-economic status, with the greatest impact on the most vulnerable

Having a brief healthy conversation


Use open discovery questions to make the most of conversations by recognising an opportunity to discuss health and wellbeing.

Asking questions such as 'how could you keep your home free from air pollution?' or 'what is your understanding of air pollution?'


Acknowledge the response by using healthy conversation skills such as active listening, reflecting or showing empathy. This will allow for a joint understanding of the support a person needs


Take appropriate action to either give information, signpost to any useful resources or refer them to a health professional. Remember that the solution must be person centered and they must want to change

Local Support

choose how you move offers support to travel across Leicester and Leicestershire in a smarter way.

There is information about active travel for public, businesses and schools, with links to the clean air hub where you can increase your knowledge and understanding about air pollution

Choose How You Move promotes a rewards scheme powered by Betterpoints which allows you to earn points for walking, running and cycling. You can track your journeys using the free BetterPoints app to earn points and redeem them for high street vouchers, or donate them to your favourite charity

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