Leicester City CCG Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions on covid vaccines in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland such as 'when will I get my vaccine?' or 'what should I do if I miss my appointment?' are available to view here

What to expect at a COVID-19 vaccination appointment

When it's your turn to have the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, you'll get a letter, phone call, email or text inviting you for an appointment.

You need to have 2 doses of the vaccine and to go to 2 appointments.

The 1st dose of the COVID-19 vaccine should give you good protection from COVID-19. But you need to have the 2 doses of the vaccine to give you longer lasting protection.

What happens at your appointment - NHS (www.nhs.uk)

A long watch...

Willows Health hosted a Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland wide patient event to answer questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine.