Problem gambling can affect many aspects of someone's life impacting on their finances, health and mental wellbeing. Gambling related harm is linked to debts, financial crisis, have a negative impact on relationships and families, difficulty sleeping as well as affect work. Compulsive gambling can lead people to becoming isolated and cause anxiety and depression.

Having a brief healthy conversation about gambling


Use open discovery questions to make the most of conversations by recognising an opportunity to discuss health and wellbeing. This could be 'How are you?' or 'How are you finding everything at the moment?'


Acknowledge the response by using healthy conversation skills such as active listening, reflecting or showing empathy. This will allow for a joint understanding of the support a person needs


Take appropriate action to either give information, signpost to a local service or refer them yourself. Remember that the solution must be person centered and they must want to change

Support Services

Gamcare is the leading support service providing free support, advice and counselling to help people to overcome gambling problems.

Gamcare helpline is free and runs 24 hours hours a day, seven days a week call 0808 8020 133.


Here are some useful resources about gambling

The Gamcare Recovery toolkit provides self guided resources and information on self-exclusion/blocking software to help reduce exposure to gambling websites

Gamblers Anonymous UK provide local support groups to help people overcome gambling

If you are affected by someone's gambling support is available. Gamcare provide information for partners, family and friends affected by problem gambling and GamAnon offer local support groups for anyone affected by someone else's compulsive gambling.